Sneak Peek at My Latest Project

It has been a while since my last update, but rest assured I have been feverishly writing away. Want to get a sneak peek of my latest project? Here is an excerpt from Chapter 6 of my historical adventure romance set in India, circa 1760. Enjoy!

Except for crickets chirping, the street was silent. Benedict hoped Adhira and her family were not asleep yet. The sun had only just gone down. Even if they were turned in for the night, he was sure they would be glad for a meal of real substance.
He squinted ahead, searching for the right door. A long, dark shape lay in the road. He paused. It could not be a fallen tree. There were none in this section of the street. Heavy breathing met his ears, and a sound as if something were being dragged through the dirt.
As he drew closer, the shape came into view. It was a woman dragging a catamaran.
“What in the world?” He rushed forward. “Excuse me. Ma’am, or Miss, it is dangerous to go out on the river at night. I must insist you return home. Your errand can wait until morning.”
The woman faced him. Her hand reached into the boat. Something long glinted in the moonlight as she pulled her hand back out.
Benedict paused. A cloud half-concealing the moon slid across the sky. The white beams fell on the woman’s face.
“Miss Iyer.” His eyes flitted to her hand. She clutched a dagger, and her eyes flashed like lightning.
He raised his hands, dangling the picnic basket in the air.
“Miss Iyer, do not worry. I am not here to arrest you. I swear it.”
Adhira’s eyes flitted to the basket and her grip on the dagger relaxed. She tossed it back into the boat.
Benedict lowered his arms. “What are you doing?”
Adhira adjusted the rope over her shoulder. “I do not have time for this.” She stepped into the line of reeds, dragging the boat behind her.
“Wait.” He dodged in front of her. “Why are you so insistent? You cannot go out on the river.”
She skirted past him. “I am not under arrest.”
“True, but—”
The boat lurched and knocked into his knee. He staggered back.
Adhira yanked on the rope. The boat dug into the mud, pushing up a small earthworks in front of it.
She grunted and tugged, then let the rope drop. She gripped the edge of the bow, dug her feet into the mud, and pulled. The boat stuck tight. She squatted and dug the mud away.
Benedict stood beside her. What had possessed her? He had never seen her behave this way. “You cannot go on the river alone. It is not safe.”
“Mind your business for once in your life.” She stood and shook her hands. Mud splattered Benedict’s shirt and face. The boat now free, she pulled again. This time, it slid forward.
This was ridiculous. If she would not listen to reason, she would heed force. He grabbed her shoulders and spun her around. “Listen to me.”
She pushed him and tried to wiggle out of his grasp. “Let me go! Leave me alone.” Her eyes glistened.
Benedict released his grip. “Adhira.”
Her eyebrows shot up. He stepped back. He had never called her by her first name. “Miss Iyer,” he corrected, “What is wrong? Whatever it is, I can help.”
Her jaw clenched. “Like you helped my father?” Her voice lowered, almost to a whisper, trembling. “You have torn my family apart.”


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